Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Emerging False Prophets

To my fellow Christian brothers and sisters,I'm writing this blog to you to be aware of phony pastors and preachers.

According to Christian scripture a true prophet or teacher should reflect Jesus in him. Nowadays,Pastors are preaching for their personal gain and popularity. They are pride(of what they are doing for the Kingdom of God) and adopting a lustful lifestyles. They look to other men for their needs(money) to be supplied.

In the internet and other communication medias, we get to see lots of sermons and gospels given by so called pastors around the world. I recently came across a pastor called Paul Thangiah from Bangalore,India. Watched a video of Paul Thangiah in you-tube which was streaming his message, he was so pride of what he is doing for the Kingdom of God. For christians "Pride is Sin". In Google videos, one another promotional video of Paul Thangiah is projecting him as "James Bond of Jesus Christ". Do our God need a James Bond ? If he want to be a super hero let him enact in Hollywood movies and not in Churchwood.

Mrs. Paul Thangiah conducted a women's leadership conference in Hyderabad,India. In that event she and her group members were luring ladies with dance and makeup shows. I don't see any spritual empowerment,but it was totally a rubbish. It was just to grab more women from the society with false hopes.

Paul Thangiah's ministry is more a family business. His books and videos are another money making business tools. The costumes he wore in his videos reflect his real personality. He and his organization is making use of the media and social networking sites to grow faster and gain popularity among the nation and off course for money. Paul Thangiah is following the footsteps of D.G.S. Dhinakaran, who was an evangelist from TamilNadu,India, who used to visit heaven frequently.

In another video of Sammy Thangiah (Samuel Thangiah, Paul's son),which captured his frist time sermon in the church, Sammy was telling prophecies. He was just shouting like "someone here" having joint pain and "someone here" having eye problem. In a gathering of hundreds and hundreds of people some one or the other can probably have these common aches and diseases. Say If by coincident someone stood up in the gathering have got the pain or disease what he mentioned, he becomes a miracle preacher. Any common man with little sense would recognize such false prophecies. Fellow christians, Do you believe God revealed these things to him? If you get a chance please watch the video and listen to the comparison he makes of David's story and the name 'JESUS'. I didn't understand the message or moral behind that. Also closely watch the professional photographer in the video taking photographs for publicity.

Video Link to Sammy's Preaching

These people are mesmorizing the nation for money and popularity. True believers of Jesus Christ will easily identify these poeple as a "Bad Fruit" as mentioned in the scripture (Matthew 12:33).

How can one recognizae a false teacher/false prophet ?

Study the Bible and judge all teaching by what the scripture says.

Bible Reference:

Matthew 7 :15 - Beware of false prophets,which come to you in sheep's clothing,but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Also refer Matthew 24: 10 -13 and 1 John 4:1